Walk 8 – Hindburndale & Summersgill

Length: 5.6 miles with 830 feet of climb (2.8%)

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Start grid reference SD 653 648
Park by the roadside in Lowgill village


Set off from Lowgill along the road northwards towards Wray, and follow it until you are 50 yards past the gates of Tatham Fells school, where you will find a public footpath sign on the left. Go through the gate into a field, and follow the direction of the sign diagonally across the field, and down to a galvanised steel-tube gate with a waymark next to it, and a ruined barn in the next field. Go through the gate, and head diagonally down the field to its bottom right-hand corner.

Cross wall-stile into some woodland, then follow an indistinct path diagonally downhill to the right. 100 yards from the wall, you will reach the bottom edge of the woods and see a ruined barn in the field beyond. Look out for a stile over the fence (gets overgrown with bracken in summer) and cross into the field. Turn right and follow the edge of the woods to a stone stile in a wall, then continue past a barn, with woods on your right, to a footbridge over the Hindburn river.

After crossing it, turn left and follow the top of a wooded bank with marsh at its foot, round to a stile leading into woodland. Follow the path uphill through the woods; it bends left at the top and brings you to a field corner. Cross the wall-stile into the field, then follow the field boundary on your right up to the top right-hand corner of the field. Cross a small stream and go through a gate, then follow the field boundary on your left, through a gate, then ahead to another gate, then with a wall on your right to a gate leading onto a road near Lower Houses farm.

Go straight ahead along the road to the farm, and when the road ends at the farmhouse, bear left and follow the track between a barn on the left and a Nissen hut on the right, to a gate. Go through, and follow the track, but only for 100 yards, after which, turn off the track, through a gate on the right. Follow the field boundary on your right until you reach a wooden gate. After this, turn half-left and follow a low fence uphill (with the fence on your right) eventually diverging from the fence to a stone stile in the wall ahead (with waymark post just beyond). Cross the stile and follow the wall on your left to a road. Turn left along the road.

After 1½ miles, you will pass the second of two farm drives on the left (signed Helks Bank Farm), after which the road starts to go downhill and then reaches a left bend, with a stony track on the right (signed to Summersgill). Turn up the track, and follow it to Summersgill farm. Go through the gate into the farmyard, and bear left by the farmhouse, and between two barns to a gate. Go through, then head down the field, with a wall 50 yards away on your left, until you see a barn, then continue down the field to a stile to the right of the barn. (Detour to the field corner on the left of the barn to see the Haweswater pipeline where it crosses Well Beck). After the stile, bear left (as the sign requests) to the field edge, and follow the fence down, bearing right at the bottom of the field to a gate leading onto a road.

Turn left along the road, past Botton Mill, and at the road junction soon after, take the right-hand road, which leads down a wooded valley, with Mill Beck on your right. Continue down the road until it bends sharp right at the bottom, then leave it on this bend by following a footpath signpost through a wooden gate. Head down the valley with the Hindburn river nearby on your right, until you reach a gate.

Go through, then keep in the same direction to a wooden gate in a fence, then follow a grassy track up to a gap in a ruined stone wall. After this, bear left (the grassy track becomes indistinct) and head diagonally uphill, aiming just left of a derelict barn (a gable end is all that is visible from here). The track becomes more distinct again as you near the barn, and then leads down past the barn to a gate. Cross a small stream just after, then head diagonally downhill, aiming just to the right of a power pole. When you are just below the pole, turn right and you will reach a footbridge over the river.

After crossing the bridge, bear slightly right to the point where a wall meets some woodland. Here you will find two gates. Go through the left-hand (small) gate and follow a small path steeply up through the woods, to a stile next to a gate at the top. After the stile, head up a long narrow field. Ignore a double gate on the left, and 70 yards after passing it, where the long field bends slightly right, go through a small metal gate on the left. From here, head straight uphill to the nearest wall corner, then continue in the same direction up a track, with a wall on your right, and through two gates to return to Lowgill.

We hope you’ll enjoy walking this route. We’d like to keep these directions accurate and up-to-date, so please let us know if they need correcting, updating or clarifying. Thank you!