Maps Old and New

Old Ordnance Survey Six-inch maps (1842-1952) from the National Library of Scotland. Includes the best free large-scale old maps of Lancashire to be found anywhere on the web!

Ordnance Survey 1924 One-Inch (414 Kb)

Ordnance Survey 1961 1:25,000 First Series (1.2 Mb)

Up-to-date mapping from Google

Lancashire County Council Maps and Related Information Online (MARIO)
Access maps new and old, old air photos, and huge amounts of info

The following maps are from the
Lancashire County Council Environment Directorate Old Maps website:

Yates 1786 (171 Kb)
Greenwood 1818: North part of parish (416 Kb); South part of parish (361 Kb)
Hennet 1829: North part of parish (196 Kb): South part of parish (239 Kb)