B4RN in Tatham Parish

Broadband for the Rural North is being enjoyed in Tatham

Near Old Moor Road, April 2014
Copyright © Geoff Higgin
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B4RN provides hyperfast Fibre-To-The-Home Broadband to most properties in the parish, though a few have not signed up for various (hard to fathom!) reasons.

Subscribers get unlimited 1000 megabit-per-second broadband at a very reasonable cost, and no longer need their BT landlines or satellite dishes.

Connect Tatham was the e-bulletin of the volunteer Implementation Group which co-ordinated the roll-out to homes and businesses in Tatham. Now that the installation is largely complete, there will be no further updates, but you can click here for an archive of past issues telling the story of B4RN’s arrival in Tatham.

You can get more information about B4RN from the link below. B4RN already serves 1500 rural and village properties in North Lancashire, Cumbria, and North Yorkshire, and its network is constantly expanding.

Connect Tatham at work, summer 2014